Perfekter Glanz

Somat Multi Gel Tabs's powerful cleaning agents remove even stubborn messes, such as starch residue from pasta, rice, or potatoes, reliably. For thorough cleanliness.
Rinse Aid
The integrated rinse aid prevents water spots from forming and leaves both dishes and glasses radiant. For sparkling shine.
Salt Function
Special salt substitutes actively bind lime in the rinse water and thus prevent limescale deposits from adhering to dishes and glasses.
Stainless Steel Shines
Stainless steel cutlery often develops spots after washing and has to be painstakingly polished. The Stainless Steel Shine function ensures glistening steel and cutlery.
Glass and Décor Protection
The Glass and Décor Protection function protects glasses from corrosion. Your glasses look like new longer.
Starch Cleaning Booster
The Starch Cleaning Booster helps remove dried-on residues from pots and pans.
Limescale Protection
Special agents actively bind lime in the rinse water and thus protect your dishwasher from harmful limescale deposits.
Short-Cycle Action
The gel tabs' water-soluble covering dissolves quickly so that the gel is dispersed faster and can get to work on your dishes right from the start. This makes Somat Multi Gel Tabs particularly suited for short-cycle programs.
Ultra Soluble
With its new formula, Somat tabs dissolve faster than before to deploy cleaning power right from the start – no matter the program.
No Unwrapping
The Gel Tabs can be placed directly from the storage box into the dishwasher's dispenser compartment – with no need to remove the covering beforehand. Which reduces packaging waste as well.